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GV Fitness - Weekly Roundup

Every Saturday we highlight all of the fun and exiting things going on in our local area and in our gym. This week we talk about our GV Ladies running a half marathon for charity, announce the winner of last weeks weekly workout challenge and we have another café special offer just for you, our loyal members 😁.

Ladies running club

As I'm sure some of you already know we have a ladies only running club at the gym. This runs every Tuesday at 6pm and is run by our coach Caz. The aim of this club is to encourage women of any ability to get out running so do not feel intimidated if you haven't run in a few years. The sessions will be tweaked so all can take part.

A group of our ladies are also doing the Cheltenham Half marathon in aid of a great charity supporting children and their families who struggle with cancer.

To read more about their challenge and where to donate click the link below:

Workout Challenge

Last weeks winners

Mike Bambi + Kelly Hollens

(Go and collect your free coffees from the café ☕)

Thanks to everyone who took part in last weeks challenge! It was so good to see so many names on the board and people embracing their competitive, childish nature 😂

This weeks Challenge

Kettlebell Climbing Ladder

6 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of:

2-4-6-8-10... reps

- KB Swings

- KB Goblet Squats

This challenge is a little bit different to usual but will get you sweating just as much as the others. You will start with the Kettlebell on the floor and start a 6 minute timer. You will then complete 2 kettlebell swings straight into 2 KB Goblet Squats. You will then complete 4 reps of each exercise, then 6, then 8 and so on until the 6 minutes is up. 💪

You can find a video explanation here:

Scores and Standards: You will keep track of how many rounds and reps you complete. For example if you complete the set of 8 reps for both exercises and then manage another 4 KB swings your score would be 4 rounds and 4 reps.

Male: 16kg KB / Female: 12kg (Reduce the weight as much as necessary)

Winner gets a free coffee of their choice so get moving! And tag your efforts on Instagram/Facebook for extra brownie points!

Café special offer

New salads: Mango & Avocado / Feta Cheese – We really want to carry our healthy ethos over into our café so each week we are going to run a special offer in the café and give our members the benefits. This week we are offering two new healthy fresh salads perfect for a light lunch.

And to make it even better our gym members can get a 10% discount off this! Simply let the guys at the till know you saw the offer in our newsletter 😁

Join our Strava Club

As you may already know we run a women’s running club here at GV Fitness. We also want to encourage as many of our members to get out running/walking/swimming/cycling as possible and to share those adventures with all of us here. We have therefore created a GV Fitness Strava page where you can join and share your recent adventures.

You can join the club here:

If you have any local events or news that you want placed in our weekly newsletter please do get in touch.

Until next week,


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