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GV Fitness - Weekly Roundup

Welcome to our weekly roundup!

Every Saturday we highlight all of the fun and exiting things going on in our local area and in our gym. This week we have some updates on some exiting possible renovations, fitness challenges (and prizes 😍) and future events.

GVFC Kids Room

We have exciting new plans to turn our current storage room in the café into a kids room! Our plan is to create a fun area for children from around our local area to meet up and socialize. It will also allow parents who attend our gym to bring their children to the kids room whilst they use the gym. Our overall goal is to knock down the current storage room wall and create a lovely open space with a gaming area, bean bag chairs crafting equipment and much more!

All of this equipment and work is going to add up so we are appealing to any local people/businesses that would like to sponsor our kids room to get in touch. This could be as small as donating some beanbag chairs or organising a fundraising event all the way up to sponsoring the building project.

We have also been running our own fundraising events for this which leads us perfectly on to our next segment!

GVFC Fun Run

On the 28th May 2021 GVFC held their first ‘Fun Run’ to raise money for our kids room in the GV Fitness centres adjoining café. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, and we had a great turnout of GV Fitness members, children, and dogs. We ran both a 5k and 10km and had some very impressive times including our local superhero Lorraine covering over 3km up steep hills after fighting to get out of a wheelchair due to scoliosis! In total we raised just over £150 for our kids’ room and started a great event that we will continue to run in the upcoming summer months.

Weekly Workout Challenge

In our weekly round ups, we are now going to release a weekly challenge. This will be a small physical test that everyone can take part in and could possibly win a prize for the best score!

This week’s challenge is… Max Wall Sit

This challenge is very simple. Get yourself set up against a wall legs and hips bent at 90 degrees. Start a timer and hold this position for as long as you can. Try and film your attempt or ask one of our coaches to time you. Once done add your score to our challenge whiteboard in the gym (and tag us on Instagram too 😁) before next Saturday’s weekly roundup.

The Prize – A free coffee and double scoop ice cream of your choice from our café.

Until next week,

Ieuan 🤙

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 18, 2022

Absolutely fabulous weekly roundup ☺️ Lots of exciting GV Fitness news 😃

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