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GV Fitness - Weekly Roundup

Every Saturday we highlight all of the fun and exiting things going on in our local area and in our gym. This week we talk about our wonderful lunch club, put out another weekly workout challenge and a café special offer just for you, our loyal members 😁.

Tuesday Lunch Club

Come and join us every Tuesday at 1130 for our lunch club. No bookings required simply turn up and take part. From 1130-1400 you will get two and a half hours of fun and food. Bringing people together to socialise, share food and meet others from our wonderful local community is something we are very passionate about here at GV Fitness and our partnered café so why not come down and join us this Tuesday?

You can see a full itinerary of our usual lunch club below.

1130-1200 – Catch up and chat with Tea and Coffee (free)

1200-1230 – lunch, set menu inc veggie options (£6)

1230-1300 – Fun Bingo (with prizes)

1300-1330: Dessert (£2)

1330-1400: Arts and crafts/seated circuits (prevention of falls exercises) Free

Workout Challenge

Max meters in 2 minutes on a rower

This challenge could not be simpler. All you need to do is jump on the rower (after you have warmed up) strap yourself in and start rowing. You go until the rower hits 02:00mins and stop.

You can then right your score down on our workout board in the gym for a chance to win a free coffee! 💪

Café special offer

Super food salad – We really want to carry our healthy ethos over into our café so each week we are going to run a special offer in the café and give our members the benefits. This week we are offering a fantastic superfood salad full of healthy micronutrients (check out our previous blog) to really get you going for the day.

And to make it even better our gym members can get a 10% discount off this meal! Simply let the guys at the till know you saw the offer in our newsletter 😁

Join our Strava Club

As you may already know we run a women’s running club here at GV Fitness. We also want to encourage as many of our members to get out running/walking/swimming/cycling as possible and to share those adventures with all of us here. We have therefore created a GV Fitness Strava page where you can join and share your recent adventures.

You can join the club here:

If you have any local events or news that you want placed in our weekly newsletter please do get in touch.

Until next week,


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